Sales FAQ

What is Premium Support and how much does it cost?

Premium support is FREE for the remainder of the calendar year you purchase the software or upgrade in.  After the end of that calendar year, an annual subscription must be purchased to maintain access to premium support features.  Premium Support is $329 annually (Jan-Dec).

Premium support includes: unlimited downloads to software patches and bug fixes; unlimited phone and email support; unlimited access to online streaming video tutorials; access to electronic help files, support Forum and written tutorials.    The software will work without premium support but all you will have access to is the user manual.  “Pay per incident” support is available for non-subscribers at a rate of $329 per incident.

How many computers can I install the software on?

The purchase price reflects the ability to install a client version of the software on an unlimited number of machines.  However, the license only covers installation of 1 server location.

This means an organization can maintain only 1 database file per license and unlimited workstations can access that database file.  If an agency desires separate database files for other divisions of their city, county or state, additional licenes must be purchased.

Do I have to purchase a yearly subscription to use the software?

No, once you purchase the software, it’s yours to use forever.  Unlimited phone, email and web support , software updates and video tutorials are only available to those who purchase a yearly subscription.